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Best Single Season: Regular Season/Playoffs - QB


Who Had The Best Overall Season  

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  1. 1. Including Regular Season & Playoffs

    • 2014 Peyton Manning
    • 2016 Matt Ryan
    • 2018 Patrick Mahomes
    • 2011 Aaron Rodgers
    • Other

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Best Regular Season/Playoffs - QB’s

Over the years there have been a number of truly incredible individual performances that ended up underwhelming in the playoffs.  This list is those players  that lived up to expectations in the playoffs.  What are the top 5 seasons by a QB that includes both regular season & playoffs

•  Peyton Manning: Broncos, 2014
111.7 PR
, 541/787 (68.7%), 6,387 Yards, 60 TD 14 INT

•. Matt Ryan: Falcons, 2016

119.9 PR, 443/632  (70.1%), 5,958 Yards, 47 TD 7 INT

•. Patrick Mahomes: Chiefs, 2018
112.2 PR, 426/652 
(65.7%), 5,670 Yards, 53 TD 12 INT

•  Aaron Rodgers, Packers, 2011
118.8 PR, 369/548
 (67.3%), 4,907 Yards, 47 TD 7 INT


So whose single season was the most impressive?  A very good argument can be made that Ryan’s 2016 season has no peer in NFL history.  Manning’s 2014 was great, but it took him 150 more throws to produce those numbers. If you add the extra 150 throws, Ryan finishes with 7,372 yards based off his 9.4 ypa and 59 TD.  To me, it comes down to Rodgers in 2011 or Ryan in 2016.  Without question those are the two most efficient seasons by a QB ever.  Call me a homer but I’ll take our guy.

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4 minutes ago, octoslash said:

Does this mean 2016 Kyle Shanahan had the greatest season ever as offensive coordinator?  I think it's worth consideration. 

Definitely worth consideration, I think the greatest season as coordinator could also potentially go to a team that did not have the best weapons but the OC made the most of it. 

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Kyle was a blast to have as an OC. In his first year you could see what he was trying to build and what potential the offense held even with the bumps they were going through learning it

One thing that’s always stuck with me was our first possession against the Jags late in 2015. Kyle ran hard playaction the first 4 or 5 plays in a row, each for a first down plus more. After the 3rd PA when he ran HARD playaction again the next play I couldn’t help but laugh. I was giddy, because I knew it was a man not “sticking with what’s working” but who possessed true unpredictability. Those linebackers bit so hard that 4th time, it was clear the last thing they were expecting was another playaction 

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9 minutes ago, djbrough said:

60 TD's is insurmountable. Manning is #1 with Ryan at a close #2.

They have identical TD per pass attempts.  When looking at Manning’s huge season, you have to account for him making 150 more passes than Ryan in 2016


Ryan Pro-Rated Stats:  7,732 Yards Passing, 59 TD’s 8 INT

Manning Stats:  6,387 Yards Passing, 60 TD 14 INT

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