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Gurley, Mack & Neal - Quinn says they will be “Limited During Camp

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Don’t love the sound of this..but whatever


According to ESPN.com’s Vaughn McClure Falcons head coach Dan Quinn told reporters Wednesday that center Alex Mack, running back Todd Gurley and safety Keanu Neal may have some limitations during training camp.

It isn’t known that the trio has suffered any injuries in the workouts the Falcons have had ahead of practices beginning. 

The limitations steam from the three players’ past injuries and keeping their workload light heading into the 2020 season. Mack is entering his 12th season in the National Football League. He suffered a broken fibula in 2017 right before Super Bowl LI.

Mack suffered an elbow injury in 2020. The Falcons will need Mack for 16 games in 2020. At 34-years-old, Mack may be a candidate for load management throughout camp.




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Gives the rookie C more snaps with 1's.  He needs to be ready to take over C at any moment.  This is why you do not waste time teaching him LG when he is in at C in a live game at any moment.  Good centers are not something to play with.  Spend too much time with the balls in hand.

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5 minutes ago, 408Falcon said:

Exactly. It's like a Julio. These dudes have been here before... They also have battled recent injuries... Slowly but surely....

Just hope that no pre-season doesn't F us over. 

Its gonna f everybody over, nobody is at an advantage this season. There will be rust, timing, and rhythm issues. So football will look really ugly probably almost the first 8 weeks

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