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Braves catch a huge break by not having to face Gerrit Cole or James Paxton. They need to take advantage of that and win at least 1 of these games. Also don't have to face Giancarlo Stanton. Jord

AJC reporting Liberty is exploring selling parts of The Battery to make up revenue. Theyre apparently checking property values.

One-third of this "season" is over. The team is 11-9, which pretty much anyone would take at this point. It's also tired and beat-up. If Acuna and Albies are both more than a week in getting back

4 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

Why in the crap do we keep putting Marcell Ozuna in the outfield when he's HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! there? Guy is a ******* disaster defensively but let's keep running him out there!! Should tell you how meaningless "gold glove" awards are!!

He looks like an eight year old putting all his might to barely dribble it back to second

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5 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

Honestly I feel like Touki hasn't pitched all that bad. There just wasn't a whole lot of help behind him defensively. And he didn't help himself by committing one of the errors.

My thoughts as well. 

The numbers on the stat sheet will look worse than he really pitched

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