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Baldy gives a shoutout to Lindstrom

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20 hours ago, vitaman said:

You were one of the few. Most wanted a penetrating defensive tackle or end.

I recall the majority being either lukewarm on the pick or downright hostile.

Yea.  OL isn’t a glamorous pick.  Like I said I rarely “scout” OL and would say I loathe it because it’s not anything glamorous, but I specifically wanted Lindstrom because he jumped off the screen to me.  He was my favorite player in that draft.  I also wanted us to take OL in the 1st and 2nd round which essentially we did by drafting McGary with a trade up, but I wanted Cody Ford in the 2nd instead.

I just hope Lindstrom, and McGary for that matter, can stay healthy. 

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On 8/7/2020 at 5:43 PM, FalconsIn2012 said:

Lindstrom will be very good...and he should be.  You expect the 14th overall pick and 1st interior lineman drafted to be a Pro Bowl caliber player

Our season may come down to how well we fill in the LG position.  I would have been good with Schweitzer...he is athletic enough to reach the 2nd level on outside zone.  Brown/Carp were not.  This one comes down to Gono/Henny

Yes,, but how many players live up to their picks??? Most don't ... You got to love it how Lindstrom  is living up to where he was picked... If the whole line would do there job as good as he is,, just imagine .... hopefully they will.. if they do.. we will go deep into the playoffs,,  This team is in better shape than I have ever seen it... 

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On 8/7/2020 at 2:06 PM, PokerSteve said:

We're pretty much assured Lindstrom is going to be a pillar, and I still like McGary to step his game up and complete the rebuild on the right side.

This simply cannot be true. Many on these boards think that TD hasn't/can't draft the trenches.

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15 hours ago, Boise Falcon Fan said:

This simply cannot be true. Many on these boards think that TD hasn't/can't draft the trenches.

To be honest, few of TD's olinemen flat out bust due to them being bad players. Guys like Hawley and Garland went on to be good starters elsewhere, and even the board's whipping boys like Baker were good players when healthy. Not saying any of those three are world beaters but it's hard to fully judge olinemen with the string of sub-par OC's and OL coaches we've had.

The DLine argument has more merit. 

As for Lindstrom, I haven't been concerned about him since we drafted him, always thought he'd be a good to great player. If we can find a center to replace Mack we should be fine for a long time on the oline.

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