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DOB had an interesting tidbit. Minter is crediting Tomlin for fixing him. He said the two worked out together all shut down and Tomlin really got in his head. Taught him to trust his stuff and himself

I wouldn’t say that K26dp is a negative Nancy.  He posts here often and fairly objective and positive.  There are a few others here you could lecture though.  😉

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It's an interesting take. Braves development of Sims was no doubt troubled -- two regime changes, plus multiple coaching changes including a change a Gwinnett that went so poorly that they sent Sims back to to AA basically to get him straightened back out with Dennis Llewellyn. Not to mention losing most of a year due to the Carolina Mudcats bus crash.

That said, the Braves had every incentive to help Sims be all that he could be. They may not have been successful, but it's a cheap shot to act like they didn't "actually care".

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1 hour ago, RING OF HONOR said:

How you been man.....what you think about the season so far 

Honestly I’m just glad we are getting sports even if we suck. Pro sports are probably fine, but I’m afraid we aren’t going to get college sports again until fall 2021. I’m still going to stay hopeful though!! 

Im happy with how our season has gone so far though. Just need some SP and we should be in good shape 

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36 minutes ago, Unknøwn said:

Its on the Braves local channel, Fox Southeast

Dude ...I'm in stockbridge....and honestly dont understand why I cant see it...hbo...showtime..nfl network...but no Braves 


Everything I did today was in preparation for this game...I'm so frustrated right now..

I guess I will watch through yall...

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