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Mets @ Braves

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Hey so I held my newborn son that entire bottom of the 8th.  Just saying.  #mojo 

Braves win 4-0!! 5 straight wins!! 7-3 to start the season!!

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1 hour ago, tl;dr said:

Let’s light up Porcello again! 

My guess is Touki or Chacin starts, but tbh I really have no idea 

I'm betting Chacin. He looked good against the Mets in NY. Gave up 1 hit in 3.2 innings. Tomlin was stretched out in camp but with Newk tonight he's probably on standby to eat innings tonight. Touki could piggyback Chacin tomorrow if needed. 

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27 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

Good to see...let's hope that he can take advantage of it and show some needed consistency.


I hope he does well too! I honestly do! Rooting for the kid to take it and run with it. My feelings towards him are more personal than they are with some of the other guys I have more patience with because of a game I went to in September 2018. Julio started and walked the park and then Touki came in and just continued to issue walks left and right. Braves actually set a franchise record for most walks issued that day. Braves lost and I got sunburned because it was my first time at the new stadium and I didn't know where to sit so I was in the sun the entire day for a game that was originally scheduled for a night game when I ordered the tickets. So yeah, there's some personal bias there. I'm rooting for the kid to prove me wrong.

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6 minutes ago, Unknøwn said:

Folty was removed from the 40 man roster. He cleared waivers and was assigned to Gwinnett.

I feel bad for the guy. I guess it's because I was pulling for him so much. I don't see this lasting much longer for the kid honestly.

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