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SEC conference Only schedule/ No GCOFH Tech week

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SEC football starts Sept 26th in conference only. Going to be interesting 

The full schedule will be announced at a later date. The revised schedule, which was altered because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, increases by two the SEC's usual conference slate of eight league games, which includes six divisional foes, one permanent cross-divisional foe and one rotating cross-divisional foe.

Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin confirmed the SEC will keep its division format and the eight teams that are currently scheduled, and that the league is still determining the two additional teams. Sources told ESPN that one proposal heavily discussed is to add each school's cross-divisional rotating opponents for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. For instance, Alabama would add Florida and Vanderbilt, and Georgia would add Arkansas and Mississippi State. Any plan must be approved by athletic directors.



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11 hours ago, Wardog357 said:

Yeah I'll miss all the out of conference rivalries.......but I'm really happy that it's looking like we will have football in the fall. It would be really weird without football. 

Thankfully football is not the first sport to try this and you have plenty of different options going on now that they can examine and tweak.  However, college football will be the first collegiate sport, so there is some unknown in that.  You can’t hole up kids in a hotel room for days to quarantine them like a professional athlete.

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