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Grady Ain’t Playin....Around In 2020

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3 minutes ago, red falcon said:

I cant believe we got him so late he is a monster. If he ever gets real help on the line lookout. I think he may have it this year

Signing Fowler Jr., drafting Davison and seeing Takks' offseason conditioning, i'm expecting big things.

Grady really drives it all. Such a great leader by example!

If Keanu returns in form, look out!

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Man this cat put in some work. As a lifter, I see a lot of cats that look bigger in the chest and arms but their back is lacking. Grady's back is the most impressive to me...slabs of muscle popping out of his shirt. That to me means he was doing some very heavy explosive movements. I can also tell his nutrition is on point because it is hard to slab up like that if you're not eating right....These pics are so impressive to me because of the work I know he had to put in.


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19 minutes ago, HouseofEuphoria said:

Disagree completely.

He hasn't looked as good the last couple of seasons than he did when we drafted him.

I think it has to do with the absence of Neal, as well as D. Jones looking kinda thin.

D Jones was great until 2019...definitely a bit off last year. I’d like to see him add 8-10 lbs of muscle to help him shed blocks in run d

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