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Falcons, if this, then that.

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What an off-season.  Can any of you remember more changes outside of an actual rebuild?  I cannot.  I think the Falcons needed OTAs, Spring Training, and Pre-season more than any other team.  Not getting these is going to hurt.

Outside of QB and WR, which groups have not changed, and changed more than usual?

RB - We cut Devonta Freeman and signed Todd Gurley.  There are questions about Gurley's knee, so this change is a little risky.  Will another RB emerge?

OL - We had some troubles keeping Linstrom  and McGary healthy and on the field.  The Carpenter/Brown experiment failed, IMO.  Gono remains a mystery player.  Can the OL solidify without an off-season?

TE - You know the Hooper/Hurst story.  We really have no way of knowing if we got better or worse at this position.

DL.  I like that we let Beasley walk.  We brought in several players who are unproven in this system, both FAs and Draftees.  We let Clayborn and Crawford go.  What do we have?

Corner - We let our best corner walk.  And, I am in agreement with this.  We have rising players and draftees who may step up.  Will one or two do that?

Safety - We will field a great player in Neal who has had recent injury issues, or we will be playing someone we have not seen in a starting role.  Is anyone else a little concerned?

LB - We finally let Campbell walk and we are getting Means back.  Will Oluokun step up?  Will Walker start soon?

Kicker - What will we get from Younghoe Koo?

I do not remember a Falcons team in greater need of an off-season and pre-season.  We did not intend to rebuild, but guess what?  I am a homer, but this is too much change without an off-season and a pre-season.  We may struggle early.

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There are many questions. But ultimately, there are only two questions that matter:

Can we get stout play from the OL and the DL? If we get stout play from these two units, we will have a successful season. And by "stout", I mean top 10 statistical performance.

Can we avoid turnovers on offense and make plays on defense? If we come out of this with a +8 TO margin for the season, it bodes well for our chances.

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Hooper is an all pro tight end, so we definitely got worse there. 

I'm gonna say it now, don't count out Charles Harris' potential impact on this team. He may end the year with more sacks than Fowler and I think Fowler's gonna eat, so that's not a Diss. 

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