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Falcons Rookies Cleared To Practice

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1 hour ago, ya_boi_j said:

I got my eyes locked on Marlon. 

He can have the biggest dynamic impact of any of our additions. If he can partner well with Grady to push the middle consistently, it makes Fowler and Takk's job easier. If the the DL is now effective, it makes things better for the secondary and LBs. 

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14 hours ago, AvidFalconFan said:

It looks like the virus is already hitting MLB. Unless there is a miracle soon this will start hitting the NFL. Players are already opting out. Having a complete season looks very unlikely. It is what it is.


Over 6400 tests done since last Friday and the only positives are Marlins players and coaches. That means the protocols put in place are working and the Marlins wouldn't be in this situation had they followed protocols. It's actually good news that it's only the Marlins. NFL can learn from this.

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