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Spoiler Alert: Julio Jones & Todd Gurley Are Outworking Everyone [WATCH]

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Spoiler Alert: Julio Jones & Todd Gurley Are Outworking Everyone [WATCH]


Todd Gurley is coming to Atlanta and he has a lot to prove to the naysayers but the only person he’s focused on right now is himself.

In a recent video slowly but surely circulating the internet, Gurley and Julio Jones were seen hyping each other up on the way to their workout.

Gurley posted the video on his Made Foundation Instagram over his posting it to his main account, so it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. However, that was his point. He wants people to know after the fact what he’s been doing…well I’m spoiling it.




“It’s Discipline & Effort”

Jones and Gurley go back and forth about the importance of discipline and effort.

Jones talks about mindset and doing better than the other guy that’s doing better. Getting to the field four hours earlier instead of just two.



In "The Bigger Picture," Gurley said he's caught with Matt Ryan on a couple of occasions, but he's really spent the most time with Jones in California.

Gurley chimes talking about Michael Jordan and how he would get up at 6 AM every single day to film Space Jam, but still managed to workout right afterward.

“A lot of people don’t have the discipline to do certain things and they can have but they don’t want the effort,” Jones says.

They emphasize the fact that coaches don’t care what type of athlete you are, but they’ll take the “try hard” guy over the one who turns it on and off.

“Hard work beats talent,” Jones said.

Gurley Hasn’t Worked Out This Much in His Life

The other week, Gurley joined Odell Beckham Jr., Cam Newton, and former Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz in a roundtable discussion which was posted to OBJ Jr’s Youtube channel.

They discussed everything from the  Black Lives Matter Movement to the coronavirus and having a positive mindset through this unusual offseason.

With Gurley joining a new team he’ll have to grind his way to the top and he’s been working on that this offseason.

“I’m not even going to lie, I haven’t worked out this much in my life. I mean there literally hasn’t been anything to do but work out,” Gurley said.

Gurley has been working out daily with his personal performance coach J. Aggabao who lives one exit up from him. Jones has been joining them.

They’ll go on hikes, strength and conditioning drills, weight lifting, wind down with physical therapy, and yoga.

Gurley Is Learning On and Off the Field With Julio

While Gurley has spent time throwing with his new QB Matt Ryan, he’s mainly been bonding with Jones.

“The main person I have been hanging around has been Julio. That’s the bread and the butter of that team. That’s the head honcho,” Gurley told Cruz and the other guys.

Julio has been doing more than just training with Gurley, he has been helping Gurley grow as a person. It’s hard to believe that Gurley is just 25 years old and has already accomplished so much, but having Julio who is 31 and one of the best and most respected players in the game as a mentor is quite a treat.

Gurley hasn’t been too worried about the upcoming season, he’s been focusing on himself.

“I’ve been balling my whole life, so that’s what I do,” Gurley said. “As long as I am consistent and put in the work every day, then I know what’s going to happen on that field. Injuries can happen anytime. You can’t prevent that. As long as you put that work in, it’s cool.

“And I got Julio, I’m straight.”




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