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Preparing for Jamal Adams


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Honestly a win-win for both teams. Maybe even more so for the Jets imo. McDougald high key super underrated. Definitely makes week 1 (if it happens) more interesting though. 


Totally forgot Seattle has been complete *** at selecting players in the first round since 2013 or something. Might not be a huge loss for them at all lmao. 

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1 minute ago, athell said:

Steep price.  Generational talent, but steep price........glad it wasn't us tho I suspect some will be upset it wasn't.

I figured the price would run enough people away. 

Only reason I’d dislike the trade right now is the possibility of the cap not increasing or decreasing and Adams needing a market reset, especially considering he was begging for Dallas

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Say what you want...but Pete and gm is way smarter than our crowd. MR/JJ have a few yrs left of prime and TD can’t find a defense in 3 decades. Sit back and watch old Pete....and some of yall love TD/mediocrity. Yeah he’s the best gm in falcon history but it didn’t take much. 

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Just now, FalconsIn2012 said:

Just visited the Seahawks board to see their thoughts on the trade.  Stumbled on this gem of a thread:


Would You Take Wilson/Carroll or Mahomes/Reid?  Despite being 7 years older, most still say Russ/Carroll...lol

Ask the question who’d you take those^ or Quinn/TD. I’ll hang up and listen 

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