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NBA Draft - Who do you want?


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Anthony Edwards. 
reason:  he can create his own shot and drive to the basket And finish at a high level. That is something the hawks really don’t have.  He is really athletic and exciting. 
Aside from that, he can pass, he has defensive upside, he can shoot. He is also from Atlanta and wants nothing more than to be here and play for his home town team. 

My only concern is if he has more upside than Cam or Kevin. If he doesn’t, we will hamper their development. 

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For me it would be Ant-man. This is a pretty good description of what I have seen as well watching some bulldog games. 

NBA Comparison: Dwyane Wade/Donovan Mitchell

Strengths: 6’4 combo guard with elite level athleticism … Shows a good feel for the game and competitiveness … Good size and length for position with a 6’9 wingspan and 8’4 standing reach … Strong build. At 17, already has an NBA body … Uses his strength well and should be able to add additional strength … Finishes well with contact and can bully smaller guards … High-level athleticism, good body control, and hang time … Has a quick first step … Gets to the rim and throws down dunks in traffic … Gets going down hill with a dribble drive and finishes well with either hand … Natural scoring ability … Shoots well from three and can shoot from NBA range … Needs just a little bit of space to get his shot off … Adept ballhandler and drives with either hand … Keeps his head up and has good court vision … Reads double teams well … Passes out of drives … Good rebounder for his position … Good tools and athleticism defensively …  Blocks shots well for a guard … Makes the game look easy … Good competitor and doesn’t lack for confidence … Youth is on his side. One of the youngest incoming freshmen, won’t turn 18 until August, 2019 …

Weaknesses: Can improve as a free throw shooter. Shot just 58.3% FT% over the Under Armour Association in 2018 … Solid playmaker but has room to improve if he’s going to play both guard positions in the NBA … Can work on limiting turnovers … Can improve midrange scoring, tends to utilize deep threes or getting all the way to the rim … Doesn’t really pick his spots as a midrange shooter or show much of a floater … For someone who can get to the rim and challenge the help defender, he settles for a lot of deep, contested shots … Can learn to incorporate more movement when playing off the ball … Should study players like Steph Curry on how to use constant movement and coming off off of screens to set up shots …

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Edwards has the most upside.  Nobody else in this draft has tape like his 2nd half vs Michigan State.   He is still just 18 years old...unfortunately, he isn’t really at a need position unless we trade Hunter.  If we did it for Edwards I would be good with it.

Toppin or Okoro make sense as well

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On 7/16/2020 at 4:57 AM, FalconOdense said:

Lets say we get the first pick. Let me know who you want and why you think this player would be the best we could ask for.
Maybe even a top 3.

No discussion about trading the pick. Just which player do you want the most and why?

Update since we know we have the 6th pick.

Isaac Okoro.

Winning pedigree, size and strength for a wing, excellent defense, and is from atlanta. We can develop him and his jump shot while he backs up Hunter and Reddish.  Sign a veteran back up point guard and we are on our way.  

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21 minutes ago, therawest said:

I have look at Halliburton more. He seems too good to be true. 43% from 3, good defensive guard, great passer, gamer and good size and length. 

i just can’t get over that wierd looking jump shot. 

That’s what I hate about this past season because of limited tape but from what I have seen has been impressive.

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I think this draft class sucks bad. The only guy I really like is Melo and he will be long gone. Also believe AntMan, Deni, Toppin, and Okungwu will be gone if we stay at six. I'm starting to believe we should trade down a couple slots and try to pick up another first round pick. Take Tyrese Haliburton for back up PG and Jalen Smith for back up PF. Both can play defense and have decent jumpers. Might need to throw in a pick to move up a slot or two for Smith.

I also think the 2020 free agency class sucks. I’d try to sign Jerami Grant for back up SF on a deal that won't break the bank and hold onto our cap space until next year's free agent class hits the market. That class will be much better. Especially if Giannis is in it. So if we could pull something like that off here's the Hawks 2020-2021 roster which I think could get us to the playoffs:

  • PG - Trae Young, Tyrese Haliburton, Brandon Goodwin
  • SG - Cam Reddish, Kevin Huerter
  • SF - De'Andre Hunter, Jerami Grant
  • PF - John Collins, Jalen Smith
  • C - Clint Capela, Dewayne Dedmon, Bruno Fernando


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