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Joe Montana & Matt Ryan

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Joe Montana names his most-admired 49ers teammate, answers other questions with Matt Ryan

Hall of Fame quarterback and football icon Joe Montana joined Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan to answer questions about life outside of sports as part of the "Excel presents #SpeakingOf" series. Toward the end, the quarterbacks were allowed to answer some football-related questions.

Below are Montana's responses. You can watch the entire feature at the end of this article, which includes Ryan's answers to each question.

What was your greatest comeback win?

JM: "We played Philly in Philly when Buddy Ryan was there. I think we scored three or four touchdowns in the last quarter to win."

Who is your most-admired teammate?

JM: "There was a guy, John Ayers. He was an offensive guard who handled Lawrence Taylor better than anyone."

See video for Ryan’s discussion


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Games (G)

Joe Montana 192
Matt Ryan 189



Games Started (GS)

Joe Montana 164
Matt Ryan 189

Wins as Starter

Joe Montana 117
Matt Ryan 109

Losses as Starter

Joe Montana 47
Matt Ryan 80

Ties as Starter

Joe Montana 0
Matt Ryan 0

Winning Percentage

Joe Montana .713%
Matt Ryan .577%

Pass Completions (Cmp)

Joe Montana 3,400
Matt Ryan 4,460

Passing Attempts (Att)

Joe Montana 5,391
Matt Ryan 6,817

Completion Percentage (Cmp%)

Joe Montana 63.1
Matt Ryan 65.4

Passing Yards (Yds)

Joe Montana 40,551
Matt Ryan 51,186

Touchdown Passes (TD)

Joe Montana 273
Matt Ryan 321

Touchdown Percentage (TD%)

Joe Montana 5.1%
Matt Ryan 4.7%

Interceptions Thrown (Int)

Joe Montana 139
Matt Ryan 147

Interception Percentage (INT%)

Joe Montana 2.6
Matt Ryan 2.2

Yards per Pass Attempt (Y/A)

Joe Montana 7.5
Matt Ryan 7.5

Adjusted Yards per Pass Attempt (AY/A)

Joe Montana 7.4
Matt Ryan 7.5

Yards Gained per Pass Completion (Y/C)

Joe Montana 11.9
Matt Ryan 11.5

Yards Gained per Games Played (Y/G)

Joe Montana 211.2
Matt Ryan 270.8

QB Rating (Rate)

Joe Montana 92.1
Matt Ryan 94.6
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no super bowl stats?

30 minutes ago, Jesus said:

Montana had one of the great supporting casts of all time. His defenses were underrated for their time. That said they might have won more titles had they started Steve Young sooner.

so you are defending Matt Ryan cause I would say Ryan has had a great supporting cast

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13 minutes ago, UGABOZ said:

no super bowl stats?

so you are defending Matt Ryan cause I would say Ryan has had a great supporting cast

Are you serious?  How often has Ryan had a run game or a defense to help him?  Julio Jones, by himself, is not a great supporting cast.

What did Montana have?  Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Fred Dean, and Charles Haley.  He also had guys who are close, like Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, and Tom Rathman.  #1 Defense once, #2 defense three times, #3 defense three times,  and a top 10 defense 9 times out of 11 years playing for the 49ers.

How many hall of fame players has Ryan had on his team?  Tony G for the back third of his career.  Alex Mack for the back 3rd of his career.  Roddy White, Julio Jones.  Anyone on defense?  Maybe Grady Jarrett.  Where has our defense ranked while Ryan has been here?  LOL.  What about our run game?  We've had a few years with a decent run game, but just as many with a cellar dweller run game.  That's not, "great supporting cast."

Ryan has achieved some very impressive things, despite having very little help to speak of.  Our fanbase craps on him at every turn.  It's disgusting.  We don't deserve Matt Ryan.

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46 minutes ago, UGABOZ said:

no super bowl stats?

so you are defending Matt Ryan cause I would say Ryan has had a great supporting cast

I'm talking about Joe Montana and those Niners teams of the 80s. While yes Matt has had great players around him, he has never had the offensive lines, defenses, and the offensive genius of Bill Walsh behind him. 

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