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11 Times Julio Jones Made My Day, No. 1: Jones And The Infamous Super Bowl Catch

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Malik Brown

6 hours ago


With so much success the Atlanta Falcons had in 2016, it was inevitable for them to go to the big game.

All of their success came from help of the offense, which has been one of the best the NFL has seen the past decade.

In the 2016 playoffs, the Falcons took down the Seahawks in the Divisional round, and then handled the Packers in the NFC Championship.

Julio Jones went to work on the Packers that game, finishing with 180 yards and two touchdowns.

The Falcons then marched into Super Bowl 51 to face the New England Patriots.

With the Falcons have the No. 1 scoring offense and the Patriots having the No. 1 scoring defense, it was bound to be a competitive game.

For three quarters, it wasn’t competitive. The Falcons had all the momentum.

With them being up 28-3, the game should have basically been over.

Unfortunately, the Falcons ran out of gas and Tom Brady came alive.

The Patriots stormed back, and the score was 28-20 with four minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Coming in at No. 1 in our top 11 Julio Jones moments, we have his amazing catch late in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.


How It All Started

With the Falcons getting the ball back, the best bet for them was to run the clock out and kick a field goal.

With 2nd and eight ensuing at the Patriots 49 yard-line, the line collapsed in front of Matt Ryan as he tried to find a receiver.

As he scrambled out the pocket, he threw a deep pass near the sideline to Jones.

With Eric Rowe draped over Jones and in position to intercept the ball, Jones went over his head and caught the ball.

As he’s leaning out of bounds, he toe-tapped the sideline to make sure the pass was complete.

The catch was probably one of the best catches ever seen in a Super Bowl, but it didn’t help the Falcons win the game.

We all know the story too well, with the Patriots overcoming a 25-point deficit and winning the game in overtime.

Regardless of the outcome, this had to be one of Jones best plays in his career.




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