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NFLPA Wants Smaller Preseason Rosters

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I guess I can understand their concern but it sure will be hard to evaluate new players in this scenario:



As the NFL prepares to take 32 teams of up to 90 players each to training camp in a pandemic, plenty of talk has surfaced about smaller rosters being used. The NFL Players Association, which in theory should want as many jobs as possible during camp, has expressed a desire to slash the rosters by 10 per team, from 90 to 80.

That’s a maximum of 2,560 players across the league, 320 fewer spots than the league’s teams would have in any other year.

Teams presumably would be permitted to have even fewer than 80, if they choose. Roster size has always been a maximum, not a minimum.

The union also wants no more than 20 players in a given facility at one time during the initial acclimatization period (training and conditioning) covering the first 21 days of camp. The number doubles to a maximum of 40 during the next phase of 10 days of non-contact practices.

So, basically, teams would have to operate in multiple shift for the first 31 days of camp, if the NFLPA’s recommendation is accepted. The final two weeks of preseason preparation, involving 10 practices (eight padded) would entail the entire roster.

Given this proposed formula, the union’s reasoning for opposing any preseason games becomes more obvious.

None of this becomes official until the two sides agree. But this is another example of the many issues on which agreement will be needed before camps can open, and the clock continues to tick. Loudly.

Seems like guys with experience on the roster but not playing time are going to have an edge over newer players. Will be tough for UDFA or late round guys to get a good look.

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Man, this hoax is going to ruin sports.

Backatcha my friend. Dialog is important even if it washes off the back.

No fireworks 💥    Tim. Thanks for ‘righting’ the ship so to speak.    I would rather let the discourse flow in a peaceful, civil manner than lock it up. 

12 minutes ago, Atl Falcon said:

That’s part of the plan not to mention what else is behind the whole deal

I don’t have a dog in the fight but the NFLPA has to ask for something. Idk 80 vs 90 players does it really matter. It’s just a ****ged up situation. 

Coaches are going to tie themselves in knots trying to figure out which 20 are going to attend each day. Will be no contact practice possible for a long time in that scenario. Can barely get 7 on 7 going.

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2 hours ago, youngbloodz said:

Yes because the big begging for handouts from the deep state.usinesses of sports are all in this hoax 🤣🤣

Take out the little guys. The Megas win. PLANDEMIC.

Leave people begging and beholding to the deep, deep dark rulers for permission to travel, buy and sell. Wear your mask as a sign of taking a knee.

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