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Who thinks that Darrell Bevell would have made a great offensive coordinator for the Falcons?

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26 minutes ago, AndySG said:

Seahawks fans were pretty down on him

Yeah I've been in the Pac NW for a long time now, my best friend has been a die-hard Seahawks fan forever and he loathes Bevell. But just about any Seahawks fan will also admit that their OL has been a dumpster fire for many of the last several years, and the offense has mostly been good enough. The question I always had was how much of that was Bevell doing a decent job of what he had to work with, or how much of it was Wilson pulling **** out of his ***.

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1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

Nobody wanted him when we were looking.

I did.  

And Bevell was pretty dang good until Stafford broke his back Week 8.  They were avg 25.5 ppg and Stafford was on pace for 38 TD’s, 10 INT’s and 5,000 yards passing on less than 600 attempts.  Those are MVP numbers

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