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Who thinks that Darrell Bevell would have made a great offensive coordinator for the Falcons?

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26 minutes ago, AndySG said:

Seahawks fans were pretty down on him

Yeah I've been in the Pac NW for a long time now, my best friend has been a die-hard Seahawks fan forever and he loathes Bevell. But just about any Seahawks fan will also admit that their OL has been a dumpster fire for many of the last several years, and the offense has mostly been good enough. The question I always had was how much of that was Bevell doing a decent job of what he had to work with, or how much of it was Wilson pulling **** out of his ***.

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1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

Nobody wanted him when we were looking.

Only Cleveland wanted Kyle when we got him and he had all sorts of bad rep about being too controlling. Thats not really a measure of success or failure.

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8 minutes ago, Vandy said:

Yes sir, you did. I remember. 

Your point with me was Bevil never would have abandoned the running game, as Koetter frequently does. 

I also said I thought Koetter could do enough with these pieces to win a SB....lol.   I’m still keeping my fingers crossed on that one

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