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11 Times Julio Jones Made My Day, No. 3: Jones Embarrasses Kuechly And The Panthers

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Malik Brown

Jun 30, 2020


As we’ve stated again and again, Julio Jones seems unstoppable.

He does amazing things and you wonder if he’s even human at times.

In this countdown, we’ve seen some big catches, big games, and big hits from Jones himself.

2015 started off well for the Falcons, but they ended up falling apart towards the middle of the season.

Unfortunately, their division foe Carolina Panthers were having a historical year with an energized defense and Cam Newton having an MVP season.

The first time these two teams faced each other that year, the Panthers obliterated the Falcons 38-0.

They were undefeated all season, until they played the Falcons a second time around.

Coming in at no.3 in our top 11 Julio Jones moments, we have the Julio Jones catch on the Panthers.


How It All Started

It was a grinded out game into the third quarter, with the Panthers leading 10-7.

The Falcons were holding their own, but it seemed like all they needed was a big play to grab the momentum of the game.

It happened with less than three minutes in the third quarter.

The Falcons were lined up five-wide with Jones in the slot. Matt Ryan dropped back, but with pressure coming towards him he scrambled out the pocket.

As he scrambled, he points at Jones letting him know the ball is coming his way.

Jones is double covered down the field, but that didn’t seem to phase Ryan, nor Jones.


Kuechly vs. Jones

Ryan launched the ball downfield, and while it’s in the air, one of the defenders fell to the ground. Which means it was up to Luke Kuechly to stop Jones.

With Kuechly in front of him, Jones went up and grabbed the ball. Kuechly fell.

Jones turned around and sprinted his way into the endzone for an amazing 70-yard touchdown.

The crowd was hype, the team was hype, and Jones was hype. So hype that he dabbed after the touchdown.

The Falcons went on to beat the Panthers and gave them their first loss.

Sadly for them, it had to come in the hands of one of the most epic catches during that season.

If you thought that catch was amazing, wait until you see what we have left for our top two moments from Jones…




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I think I remember something about that they had seen that coverage 2 weeks before and went with that same play but Ryan got sacked before Julio was able to get into position.

Kuechly was able to roll back in coverage like that cause he had good speed and the defensive front for Carolina was nothing to mess with especially against the Falcons rag-tag OL.  But, they figured if Ryan could roll to the left and get the ball off, they had a shot... it was a good rollout by Ryan and he had to get set for the release, but the catch reaching over Kuechly is what made the play

How is this one not number 1?  It destroyed a division rival's greatest season.  

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1 hour ago, Jesus said:

Great play.

But to give credit where it is due, there are not a lot of middle linebackers who can keep pace with Julio or get the assignment to be there in coverage.

Agreed, His play reminds me of Urlacher. Very few guys could play the run and pass as well as he could. I won't miss him terrorizing my Falcons, but I did like the way he played the game.

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