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July 2020 Recruiting Thread


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Well it's really July now yall. Hard to believe it's only halfway through this year. :lol: 

I have not been keeping up with recruiting info a lot the past few weeks. Just have so much else going on and my attention has gotten away from it. July is usually when guys who couldn't enroll early report to go through workouts with the team. I'm really not sure how covid is impacting all of that. Last I heard they were still planning to move ahead with the schedule, but I'm certainly not up to date on that so it could be different now.

Saw that Tony Grimes committed to UNC, which I don't think is a big surprise.

Hope yall are doing great out there. Go Dawgs!

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3 hours ago, OrthoPTSD said:

Anybody have the skinny on Foreman, or any other DL?

After Smith an Walker last year, really hope to continue adding elite DL talent. Those 2 are gonna be monsters


Think he just dropped a top 7 recently. I've had a couple people tell me it's USC or UGA, but I'm just gonna wait and see how things go. I can't get my hopes up for elite DL, been burned too much. But I will be ecstatic if we do get him!

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53 minutes ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

What’s going on w this site seems reaaaaallllly dead. What up with brod Jones injury?

Hearing he hurt his leg in a motor bike accident. Not sure of the severity. Hopefully no broken bones or ligaments/tendons. 

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from SoFL Dawg:

SoFL_Dawg Posts: 10,014 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
1:50PM edited 1:58PM

Just checking in...hopefully you Dawgs are having a great weekend.

Mentioned TID previously and what we were hearing there. Dropped lil Major there previously and feel great about that today.

Also mentioned that Bowers was coming in for Wednesday-weekend. BV and Bowers hooked up yesterday. Dawg. He still is visiting UW, but without Chris Peterson there, I doubt they have enough even with last visit. Significant win by staff to yet again pull an elite player from across the country, this time without an OV. Monken is spinning Gold.

Untitled Image

Saw @Copedawg16 post above on James Williams. Yes we still feel UGA will be the choice, but unfortunately updated news on Williams is that he is one of the players I’ve alluded to that all football questions have been answered. His hesitations have nothing to do with football at this point. Unfortunate for staff but we have confidence they’ll overcome; and if they don’t, sign of the times. The safety that the U just picked up is the first domino on a run on these Miami kids. If they all choose to stay home, **** of a haul there including four 5 star caliber players. More pointed, that S will not prevent Williams from choosing them as well. If they show it on the field we’ve got a battle that we could easily lose. Williams is another we thought would be public by now. Can’t continue to ignore those not announcing when they’ve seen everything we have to offer.

Keep Noah Josey on your radars. FSU is making a strong move on Terrence Ferguson who favors playing T. If he becomes a depth chart casualty, Josey is next up. This has no impact on A. Mims, but don’t tell AtlVol that. If I had to make a choice today, I still would say Ferguson chooses the good guys but he’s another we thought would be public by now. I do believe this is exclusively football related looking at the guys in front of him.

On WR, we can’t sit any better with MJJ and Marcus Burke. I won’t project them into the class until they’re on campus but without visits, the chatter couldn’t be more positive. Ceiling is incredibly high on MJJ and Burke is a legit WR already.

Revisiting an older name, have gotten word that staff is still communicating Demeioun Robinson. Along with Shemar Turner, both are names to continue to watch if visits resume. Work to be done with both. Korey Foreman is the third name to know there obviously, nothing new there. I’d guess all 3 will be prioritized. Again, Dallas Turner is not likely to flip to UGA.

On CB, Nyland Green has been reprioritized following the reclassification for Grimes. AU sits the best here. Based on today, wouldn’t project Green to the class right now but the longer it goes, the better for us.

ILB, we lead on Sorey. I’m hesitant to say that on Mondon. He’s another that football questions have been answered. TWill at au is winning the relationship/relatability battle. There is a school of thought that Mondon is attempting to keep folks guessing on where he’s leaning, but it’s starting to feel that it’s more than that. Again, assuming there’s a season, the longer this goes the better for us imo.

So good times on Bowers, more of the same on Mims, but we have some battles ahead. We’ll win more of those than we’ll lose.

Probably should post in 22 thread but I’m being lazy. 22 is going to be Kirby’s best class on paper assuming these juniors continue their progression. Going to be huge on instate as well. Thinking 6 five star players in 22 right now.

Continue to enjoy y’all weekend ✌️.

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4 hours ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

What’s going on w this site seems reaaaaallllly dead. What up with brod Jones injury?

With no camps or visits and most folks isolating to various extents there just hasn’t been a lot of football stuff to talk about unfortunately.

Crossing my fingers the SEC and other conferences figure out a good way to have football this season. I do care about the players safety more than being able to watch football, but I’m hoping it can be done.

On Broderick, it’s being reported that a full recovery is expected.

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Guys just rely on me for your James Williams update. They saying stuff I told you guys a couple weeks ago lol. James Williams is surrounded by Miami fans with his family,coaches,family friends. But Miami has to prove it on the field to have a chance with him. Until otherwise stated I’m still 80/20 on him going to UGA. But UGA hasn’t lost momentum per se. just Miami has gained some

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