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11 Times Julio Jones Made My Day, No. 5: Jones Goes Off For 253 yards and 2 TDs vs. Bucs


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The Atlanta Falcons love playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For the past few seasons, the Falcons have gotten the best of the Bucs.

All with the help of Julio Jones.

Not only do the Falcons get the best of them, but Jones has had some of his most impressive games against them.

No matter who the Bucs throw at Jones, he’s going to get what he wants, whenever he wants.

Week 12 of the 2017 season is a great example, as Julio went off for another 250+ yard game and manhandled the Bucs.

Coming in at no.5 in our top 11 Julio Jones moments, we have his spectacular game against his divisional foe.


A Game To Remember

The Falcons were wearing their black throwbacks this day, which means good things were bound to happen.

In the second quarter, Mohamed Sanu was in the shotgun for his patent “12 Gauge” play. He usually hands it off to the running back or takes it himself.

Not this time.

Sanu jumbled the ball in hands, got control, and launched a pass downfield to Jones in the endzone for a 51-yard touchdown.

The best part of that touchdown was the celebration, as Jones played “red light, green light” with the Falcons offense.

Jones wasn’t done there. 5 minutes later, Ryan threw a pass down the sideline to Jones as he tight roped and stretched his arms out to the pylon for a 25-yard touchdown.


Jones continued to dominate throughout the game, doing it all for the Falcons.

He caught passes from the slot, screen plays, and reverse tosses.

He went over defenders’ heads for the ball, made them fall in the process, and made an embarrassment of the entire defense.

The Falcons won 34-20, and Jones finished with 12 catches for 253 yards and two touchdowns.

This was his third 250+ yard game, as no other player in NFL history has had more than one.

Jones continues to break the record books, and as we get down to the final moments you’ll see that more history is being made.




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