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I love the confidence...and I don’t think he is wrong


"I'll Go With Myself" - NFC South QB Says He's the Best in the Division - EssentiallySports


The NFC South will see a strong battle between its quarterbacks this season. Among the many great quarterbacks in the division, there are two Super Bowl Champions and MVPs. But, another quarterback thinks he is better than the others there.

Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan thinks he is the best QB in NFC South. 

Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan recently said on ‘Pardon My Take‘ Podcast that he believes he’s the best quarterback in the NFC South. “Currently, yeah, I’ll go with myself“, he said when the question was popped.

He knew he could get roasted for it… Although in fairness, he is the best quarterback right now in the division,” said Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. Other starting quarterbacks in the division include Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, and Taysom Hill.

A four-time Pro Bowler, Ryan was named the NFL MVP in 2016. He has 51,186 passing yards and 321 touchdowns in his 12-year career so far. Dan Katz, the man who interviewed Matt Ryan, later said that “he’s awesome. He’s awesome to talk to.”

Why Ryan may be right

Katz added that Matt Ryan is amongst the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. “If you look at his career… since 2008, there has only been one time that Matt Ryan has finished out of the top ten in QBR,” the analyst said. Ryan has been in the top 10 quarterbacks for a long time, “and it’s crazy that we just kind of forget about [him].” On this, Matt Ryan said that he understands that “the status [only] comes from” a quarterback’s performance in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. “That’s the nature of how people see it right now,” the quarterback said. Thus, being underrated doesn’t bother him very much.

It’s almost as if that loss in the Super Bowl [LI] after they were up 28-3 disqualifies him from any future consideration,” added Florio. Analyst and former quarterback, Chris Simms recently came out with his list of top 40 quarterbacks and put Ryan in 7th place. Brady and Brees, in comparison, were 15th and 16th respectively.

Mike Florio agrees that Matt Ryan is the best quarterback in the NFC South. Tom Brady will be 43 this year and may not do as well as he has been doing for so long. “I’m saying Matt Ryan is going to be better than him and maybe, Brady will be number two. But I just think the ability to be at that highest possible level, it’s not there anymore,” Florio said.

Whether Ryan will be better than Brady, we’ll know only as the 2020 season gets underway and progresses. And, our best chance to decide shall come in December when the two quarterbacks will be up against each other.

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6 hours ago, atljbo said:



add in Matt doesnt get cupcake throws

Are the best running game in the league to prop him up *cough* Tannehill *cough*

cant wait to see the Titans regret that deal when he is either average or hurt this season.

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