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11 Times Julio Jones Made My Day, No. 8: Julio Jones "I'm Here" Game vs. Colts

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Malik Brown

Jun 18, 2020


Mostly everybody has a coming out game in the NFL.

Whether it’s an iconic catch, or a clutch performance, you can usually look at a player and say, 'That’s the game that made him big.'

The Falcons had just traded the farm to move up to the no.6 pick and draft Julio Jones. This means that they knew he was going to be special.

It took some time to realize how good he’d be after suffering an injury earlier in the season and having foot problems prior to the draft.

Julio came back against the Colts on November 6 after a hamstring injury, and the rest was history.



How It All Started

Late in the first quarter, the Falcons called a reverse toss for Julio that gave the Falcons a first down. One play later, Ryan threw a 50-yard pass to Julio while he was being triple covered.

Julio fell down and the ball dropped right in hands as his momentum slid him into the end zone. The play was called incomplete at first, but after a review it showed that he had control throughout the catch.


But Wait…. There’s More

Early in the second quarter with the Falcons up 14-0, Ryan threw a short slant to Julio, and he finished the job.

He slipped past a defender and juked out another one as he went for an 80-yard touchdown.

The speed that Julio possesses at his size is amazing, and watching him outrun all the Colts defenders reminded people why the Falcons gave up so much to draft him.

In the fourth quarter, the Falcons decided to run a reverse handoff again and like the first quarter, Julio picked up the first down to seal the deal.

The Falcons won the game 31-7, and Julio went for 131 yards and two touchdowns.

After this game, Julio was the talk of the town, and nine years later he continues to be to this very day.




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