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Keanu on GMFB

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8 hours ago, LightningDawg58 said:

Keanu is the same way. His body has had essentially 2 years of bruising contact removed from his timeline. He looks very healthy and I disagree he needs to add weight. He has a ton of good football left in him, and hopefully  he gets to showcase it in a Falcons uniform. 

Keanu only weakness is that he gets pushed around if the offense successfully engages him at the point of attack. That is why I get mildly amused when people call him a run stuffer. He is more of a run attacker. He is a missile, not a tank. He is a speed/agility/football IQ/attitude LB. He wins when he beats you to the spot. All size will do is slow him down and allow the offense to successfully engage him at the point of attack more often.

That is why attacking DTs and one true edge threat are so important to our D. Two blockers on GJ, one on the edge with a helper. If the rookie DT becomes a true threat you have to account for him. It gets to the point where you have one high football IQ heat seeking missile running free in the middle of the field on some snaps. 


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7 hours ago, MAD597 said:

The chance he returns to be the player he was before is practically zero. Even without the injuries if a player just sat out 2 years it would be hard to come back.

Zero chance? Nah, there’s always a chance.

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17 hours ago, falcndave said:

I agree. The fact that it isn't the same type of injury recurring gives me some hope. I feel the chances or seeing Neal at the top of his game are about 10 times greater than the chances that we will see Gurley at the top of his. Neal had two injuries of the "can happen to anyone on any given play" type. Its not like he's got a recurring issue or a degenerative condition. He's 24 (25 in July) and 90% of his body has the wear and tear of a 23 year old player. 

That’s a good point. He has next to no wear and tear outside of two centralized freak Injuries. He’s gonna be ready to lay the wood out here 

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