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11 times Julio Jones made my day, No. 11: The one-hand grab vs. Giants


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video is on the link. won't let me embed it. 


Malik Brown

Jun 12, 2020


Julio Jones is a monster. That’s something that we can all agree on.

Since arriving in the league, Julio has continued to break records, make amazing catches, and make the impossible look possible.

Coming in at our no.11 moment from Julio, we go back early to 2015 in week two against the New York Giants.

With the Falcons down 20-17 with less than eight minutes left in the game, the Falcons needed a score to take control of the game. The only problem was that they were on their own two-yard line.




Matt Ryan called a play-action pass and threw it Julio’s way. What should’ve been an interception by safety Brandon Meriweather turned into a diving one hand grab for Julio, and made its way into his lap while he was falling to the ground.

There are many times where you can just throw the ball and hope for a prayer. That’s what it looked like Ryan did, and Julio bailed him out. The Falcons didn’t end up scoring on that drive, but with two minutes left they were able to capitalize.

With 1:53 remaining in the game, Ryan found Julio matched up 1-on-1 against Prince Amukamara on the left side of the field. If you ever see Julio on an island by himself, throw him the ball.

Julio slid past Amukamara and caught the deep pass which put them inside the Giants five-yard line. That set up a score for Devonta Freeman, leading the Falcons to a 24-20 victory in MetLife Stadium

Julio did two amazing things that day, but the catch earlier in the fourth quarter is the example of making the impossible look possible. He finished the game with 13 receptions for 135 yards.

That’s just the beginning of some of the best Julio moments. If you thought that was one his best catches, you’ve sadly been mistaken.




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