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Todd Gurley passed his physical

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33 minutes ago, Narcaguga said:

Reason one, you don't watch this team do you? Reason two, soft as marshmallow mentality leads to injury, reason three ...pick one

That's funny that you mention, "soft as a marshmallow mentality", because your take seems really pessimistic, weak, and "soft as a marshmallow".

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I just look at it this way...when he's on the field, hard to believe he's not the best rb we have, so it will be better than we had last year with freeflop. We should also be at least a bit better at OL. However much he is out there, it's an upgrade, and when he's not, HillSmithOllison have a bit better blocking to work with. I think our running game will be averagish, which is better than last year, and averagish is planty to make playaction work with the weapons we have. LB's biting on PA, I feel Hurst in particular is really going to make them pay.

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