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5 Most Valuable Players

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13 minutes ago, caponine said:

This is without a doubt correct, except no. 3. Matt Ryan has done far more for this organization than Julio did IMO. 

Feel like Vick should be #3 , Roddy #4 and Sanders #5. Tony gotta be tied with 3 , 4 or 5

 Cant leave him out

Over the past decade. Vick hasn’t played for us in 14 years

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8 minutes ago, falcon4life404 said:

Vick the reason a lot of people are falcons fans and The Reason why Blank bought them in the first place.

True about Vick making a lot of people fans of the Falcons no doubt.  Blank had been a minority owner for a long time if memory serves me correctly. My guess is the main reasons he actually bought the team was that he loves Atlanta, thought he could do a better job than the Smith family running it and make money while doing it. Would have likely bought the team with or without Vick being here. 

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2 hours ago, Fired Up said:

It's hard to move Roddy anywhere below 2 for me, maybe 3. I know Juilo is all time great. But Roddy played a substantial role in his development and direction. 

You maybe right, he became one of the best receivers in the league when he came into his own. He really set the tone at receiver for this team 

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I mean, of the last decade, 2010-2019, Made the playoffs in 5 of those 10 seasons. Abraham was apart of 2 seasons where the team got the #1 seed. He was 1st team all pro in one of them, and from 2010-2012, he had 32.5 sacks and 11 forced fumbles. We aren’t the #1 seed in either 10 or 12 without him. He’s the most underrated and forgotten player of the Matt Ryan era next to Michael Turner. Imagine if we had Abe in his prime over the last 4 seasons....

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37 minutes ago, Run 'n' Shoot said:

A good CB is always going to have a higher WAR than a lineman. 

You can disagree with the concept of WAR but based in the criteria, Trufant's is higher and it's not even close.

Yea but I’m looking at overall value and impact to the team. Abraham is the far better player 

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