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24 minutes ago, Smiler11 said:

I don't think it happens now with the Harris signing, but yes I would be all over this.

I’d use him as a rushing linebacker. He’s a better rusher than Campbell was and can contain the edge better if they end up running as a change of pace on obvious pass downs.  i think Harris is a DE in our scheme. 

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Hopefully he would be that addition we bring in where he doesn't have to play a lot, but his snaps are valuable because he is effective enough in the rotation like when we brought in Freeney to play a key pass rushing role.

Situational player and additional blitzer would help with all the versatility on this team so far.  A PURE pass rusher is always helpful.

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I mean...I've been saying this as well for awhile now...


Dude's got to have SOME heart to play here, right?  I mean, his dad played here; his cousin plays here...he was only set to make around 4.5M with Rams this year, and they actually owe him some of that anyway...should be able to sign him for 3-4 mil AND have 4 left for a vet DB...

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