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WOW: ATL on SMASH w/ Dante Fowler addition!

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35 minutes ago, ADAMSVILLE GYM said:

He seems ok to me. I love that he hypes up players. Plus, it's good for his business. Keep up the great work 'Murph!!!

Seems okay to me too. Everybody's a critic. lol. I enjoy his breakdowns and his funny comments, like him referring to a big hit as a "stool softener." Funny af. I'm widya, Murf. Keep on puttin' that Falcons blog out here for us.

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If our OL comes together and our RBs do a good job, the Falcons will be the team to deal with in the NFCS.  I know the experts pick us to be a little better than the projected 4th place Panthers, but we will do better, much better, if that OL and running game emerge.

Wait, this just in.  HU&B has just informed me that we cannot be successful this season because Matt Ryan makes too much money. 

Ryan will make $30M.  Brady will make $25M.  Brees will hit the cap at about $23M in 2020.  Bridgewater will draw $14M.  So, here is the breakdown.

Carolina Panthers will win the NFCS in 2020 because of Bridgewaters low cap hit. 

Brees is the next least expensive QB in the NFCS so they may squeak in the playoffs as a wildcard.

Brady is the second most expensive QB.  Bad news for the Bucs.  They will finish in 3rd place.

I have really bad news for us.  Ryan is the most expensive QB in the NFCS.  Falcons will finish 4th.  Sorry for the bad news.  I did not know that was how it worked.  I had always believed the win/loss record, and in particular, the w/l record in the division determined who wins the division and who goes to the playoffs.  My mistake.

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1) Fowler was certainly much better under Phillips' tuteledge than the idiotic Jax staff.

2) At some point, our coaches SHOULD have made an adjustment to provide help for McGary, OR benched Freeman for missing possible chip assignments. Without knowing the play called and the exact blocking scheme called for, if Freeman wasn't assigned to chip McGary's man, he should have been. If he was, he failed to do so multiple times, and so he should have been benched. Either way, this is a huge faiolure on the part of the coaching staff.

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