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Was Colin Cowherd right about Matt?

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2 hours ago, GeorgiaBoyz said:

I don’t care about Matts “records” it’s a passing league those same records will be shattered by the next . Matt for the most part is Above Average when everything is perfect just like Carson Palmer , Phillip Rivers & all the other try hards who always fell short . So essentially Cowherd is right . Matt is overpaid when you put numbers aside . Those “HOF” numbers are just fluff for Falcon fans . Same ones that champion him “the best Falcon QB of all time” like that’s some significant feat . I don’t hate him but I don’t love him either . Also not a homer so yea I agree . 


2 hours ago, Vandy said:

What a crock. No wonder you bring up cowherd, who has never been right about anything. Ever.  Anyone who uses him as a reference has zippo cred with me.


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1 hour ago, 4dabirds said:

You can't take away years for any  sort of HONEST assessment. To say someone is a certain way based on some years and not others is stupid. Also, show me any year since Ryan came along where he had a great defense getting him the ball back or shutting down the other team. Or, does that even matter in the world of dumbasses, the QB is the one who is solely responsible for winning or losing?


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26 minutes ago, Snafu said:

Matt's putting up near HOF caliber numbers despite spending his entire career on a team whose defenses have done very little to get him more opportunities or good field position. 


If he were drafted by Baltimore, he'd have a few rings already. 

Yup defense

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^That thread was pure gold!😂

For context: Colin started barfing non-sense during the game on Twitter while the Falcons Defense was getting blistered by the Cardinals. Everyone called him out as Matt was on fire that game.

Someone is an obvious tool for driving narratives. He is the epitome of completely fake, story fabricated entertainment.

What does a person become when they let tools like Cowturd use them? :ninja:


Matt just ain’t it man! :lol:

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44 minutes ago, Charles Wright said:

 For the money, maybe. Got a better arm. Aaron Rodgers wasn't too happy about the pack drafting him, lol.

Dude is (IMO) Jay Cutler 2.0...big arm, poor accuracy and decision making. this past season he had 61% completion with 20 TD and 17 INT. Lead the team to a 7-6 record against **** competition. Not what I would move on from Ryan for.

I guess we will see in a few years if he is any good. I would be willing to make a sizable bet he never comes close to a Ryan’s career though.

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If Ryan EVER had a top 10 defense to help him out, I’d start to agree with this. Ryan’s stats are HoF numbers but y’all just call them fluff because we don’t have any rings. I’ll put it this way, the only reason that Eli Manning is anywhere near the HoF conversation is because he had a defense to support him with those Super Bowl wins.

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6 hours ago, Hurry_Up_And_Buy said:


So if you take away Matt's worst year and Matt's best year and then you're telling me we are paying how much to this guy! And even so much of his regular season stats are inflated based on the game and season. I can't wait til we get a true millennial QB man. Matt has always been decent but highly overrated and highly overpurchased! I'm ready to move on. I swear if we had drafted Jordan Love I wouldn't have cried even a little bit lol.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  But this, this is...

Matt over rated, Colin Cowherd right, Jordan Love good?  

The **** did I just read?

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