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What vehicle would each player be?

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I don’t feel like doing all the things to post photos on here but Matt ryan is the definition of a Toyota Camry. An old reliable Toyota Camry that ain’t gonna win any races and really doesn’t do anything that special but gets you from a to b and always starts

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Jake Matthews

A semi... sure, faster rides might blow right by a semi from time to time, but more often than not, the semi can block the lanes when it wants to. And it's even got a little dog in it (literally)... So lord help you if it happens to come at you head on at full speed with all that size & strength.

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Matt Ryan

An older model Volvo station wagon... it's a little expensive for what it is, but it's comfortable, safe, and very reliable. With the extra room in the back, it's still capable of carrying the load... but it's got a lot of miles, so it's probably time to think about trading in for a newer model in the next few years.

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