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Which player do you think will be the biggest pleasant surprise on the Falcons this upcoming season?

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        Which one of our under the radar players do you think will have an excellent season this year? Who do you think will be the biggest pleasant surprise on our team that nobody is really expecting anything out of? You can name more than one player if you want. It can even be someone on our coaching staff. It can be a rookie we just drafted.




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Man, we need several guys to step up.

McGary needs to become a legit NFL OT.  
Lindstrom needs to show that he's a first round pro bowl caliber OG.

Gage needs to show he's a year round 1k receiver.

Gurley needs to show.

Somebody needs to step up at OG.


On D...Foye needs to progress, Cominsky needs to take a big step, Davidson needs to hit the ground running.  Our safeties need to look not injured, and our very young corners need to all drop in like big boys.

We legitimately need substantial progress from 11 young guys.



The ones I'd love to see make the big step are Hennessy (or anyone at OG), Cominsky, and Sheffield or Terrell.

If we can have a legit OG, and tall/long armed power pass rusher, and a shutdown ish corner, it'll cover over a lot of the other things.

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WEll That's an easy ?     Brian HIll Baby !!   23 yrs old..  6'1 , 220 ,  and the most under rated player on the team.  Quinn ,, let Hill run at least a whole half of game ,, give him a chance man. He can do it ... IF you'll let him....    :shrug:  All I ask is give him a chance to proof himself. Come on Man!!!!

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