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And I thought our uniforms were bad...

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Eric ****ersons take via USA Today:

As with just about every uniform redesign, there are people who certainly don’t like the new look that the Los Angeles Rams unveiled on Wednesday. The new “bone” color is polarizing among fans, while the gradient numbers on the royal jerseys have been criticized countless times.

Rams players predictably love the new uniforms – at least publicly – but Hall of Fame running back Eric ****erson is strongly opposed to them. As he did with the new logo, he ripped the new uniforms, particularly the stripes and the horn – which he compared to two bananas.

“I’m going to say this much. I looked at them real hard last night and this morning. I got up just staring at the uniforms. It was kind of hard to see on the Zoom call yesterday,” he said on AM 570 in L.A. on Wednesday. “I’ll say this: The colors are not bad. If you want to change the colors, make them a little brighter. On the uniforms, it’s not

“I just don’t like the stripe around the sleeve. It’s not big enough. It almost looks like a lightning bolt, like the Chargers’ uniform. I don’t like the stripe down the pants. I wish it was bigger. And the horn, man, it’s horrible. I mean, it’s terrible. I just feel like they really took away from the Rams’ uniform. And it looks almost like the Chargers’ logo. It looks like two bananas is what it looks like.”

****erson didn’t have any say in the uniform redesign, and it’s doubtful that the current players did, either. However, he talked Chargers coach Anthony Lynn recently, who told him that their team let some of the players help pick the uniforms.

****erson’s problem with the Rams’ uniforms is that they look soft, and they focus too much on Los Angeles things rather than football.

“Like I told them, this is football,” he said. “This ain’t nothing to do with surfing. This ain’t nothing to do with waves. This is football. This is a man’s sport. And to me, it just looks soft. It don’t look like football. It don’t look hard.”

I agree with ****erson.  The rams uniforms don’t look like professional football.  Our uniforms don’t look like it either.  They look like some attempt to be futuristic and trendy when the entire aura and what people love about professional football is history and timeless tradition.

Change isn’t bad, but nobody who is a fan of our uniforms can tell me with a straight face that they’re better than any throwback style we’ve had.  I’ve said before that it’s not about being an exact replica of the throwbacks, but to have the essence of it.  The throwbacks look like professional football, and there’s a reason why they decided to put the throwbacks in with the new jersey reveal.  They know that’s what fans want.  The new jerseys are a weak attempt at a cash grab.


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Back in 1985, I bought a pair of Air Jordan. ALL OF MY UNCLES and older cousins laughed at me and called them "clown shoes".  I didn't give a sh*t. I liked them. 

So now we have the 2nd worst unis in the league.  Thank you, Rams.

I like our uniforms... 

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3 hours ago, ADAMSVILLE GYM said:

Nah. I'm probably in the target demographic though. But this isn't about me. 

Why do you keep whining about how the uniform looks? Do you think they will magically change because of your tears?

Whining?  I’m stating an opinion.

Why do you find the need to defend the jerseys so much?

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