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And I thought our uniforms were bad...

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Back in 1985, I bought a pair of Air Jordan. ALL OF MY UNCLES and older cousins laughed at me and called them "clown shoes".  I didn't give a sh*t. I liked them. 

So now we have the 2nd worst unis in the league.  Thank you, Rams.

I like our uniforms... 

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I have come to the conclusion that they are trying to make all the teams look like they stepped out of a video game.  The uni's just don't look great.  Ours are not making me rush to buy gear.  I was looking forward to wearing some Ridley gear... maybe I should just dig out the M Vick jersey.... lol :munch:

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6 hours ago, Geneaut said:

In 3 or 4 years your brain will be so used to all these new uniforms that if they change them again most people will be upset. It's called normalcy bias.

I still think they are ugly.  And probably will think they are ugly if I am still alive when they change them again.  But hey.... they are perfect since we usually win ugly.... LOL p:lol:

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20 hours ago, RetroRoq said:

Target market for all the uniform changes- 18-34 years of age (male and female)

If you arent in that market, feel free to hate em - they werent designed for you anyway.

they werent designed for 18-34. they are telling 18-34 what to like.

18-34 dont know what they like. they wait for sopmeone tell them what to like, so they can be sheep with the crowd


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