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And I thought our uniforms were bad...

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Back in 1985, I bought a pair of Air Jordan. ALL OF MY UNCLES and older cousins laughed at me and called them "clown shoes".  I didn't give a sh*t. I liked them. 

So now we have the 2nd worst unis in the league.  Thank you, Rams.

I like our uniforms... 

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1. I actually like the new Falcons uniforms.
2. Every cosmetic change the Rams have done this off-season has been horrible. Logo, uniforms, everything.

3. I have a weird pet peeve of people shortening “uniforms” to “unis” and I’m not sure why. Just really strikes me as being unnecessary. 

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3 hours ago, UnrealfalcoN said:

Gradient numbers.. on their primary jersey

They upped us on that by a lot


Aaron Donald will still make QBs piss while wearing those


Rams helmets are also metallic blue from what I've read.


Also the away jerseys are known as "bone" colored and not exactly the traditional white. Sounds odd, but that's what they're calling it.

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