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Murf Baldwin: How do we truly know Okudah is better than Terrell?

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We actually don’t 

I understand what he is saying, but most INT’s are the result of poor throws or poor decisions by the QB.  Using that as a reason to ding Okuda’s value is meh Also using three plays, two of which

We really don't have to invalidate Okudah to hype up Terrell.

I liked Okudah better coming from college. I still do. Plays disciplined, man coverage, can tackle, very sound technique.

All that being said it doesn't mean he'll be the better pro. 

The draft is really who does that team think will be a better NFL player and more specifically for their team.

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On 5/9/2020 at 2:33 PM, Drvillain said:

I saw this earlier today. He brings up some good points. I was also upset when we drafted Terrell but that was because I knew nothing about him other than the Chase highlights during the championship game.


Definitly media bias affects who a lot of us THINK our team should draft. 

but why do you make decisions based off the media or one game highlight? Why not go study the tape and form your own opinion before having one

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