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Dont bury your heads in the sand!

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                  Dear Falcons players and organization,

                                             If football comes back this season or not do not pretend that the recent events involving  the murder of Mr. Aubrey, are going to

                                just past you by, if you and by you I mean the players don't "take a stand" and use their time and efforts to speak truth to power.

                                             Speak the truth everytime no matter what amount of yards you run for or how many jerseys get sold with "ATL" on them, all of you have a opportunity 

                                          and a duty to speak on the justice or lack of in this case, don't shuck and jive and just ignore what happened hoping it will be alright, as long as 

                                 your scoring touchdown and  dancing a jig on the sideline.    All of you should be shouting,protesting, pointing at all the people to all the people

                              to get the truth out there.       Black men are being hunted for going to the store, talking on the phone, working,  or jogging, just because you are 

                               bleesed enough to make it  to the pros don't think it cant happen to you, brother.     

                                                                                                        Don't become well taken care of "house boys",    who just buck your heads, and cant look your "boss" in the 

                                                                                                    eye,    with a " YOU GOIN GET US IN TROUBLE"   slave attitude.


                                                                                             No matter what happens gentlemen, speak up.




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Felt like I was reading Arabic from right to left. Please let justice take its course before assuming that it won’t. Based on the facts as I have heard them so far, it seems like the two guys were racist rednecks looking for someone to kill. Let’s let the whole story come out and justice take its course. And if they try to sweep this under the rug or if it’s obvious that justice was denied,  I will lock arms and march against it with you. But don’t go assuming something that has not and likely will not happen. 

And left justify is your friend. 

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