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Thought this was a really good video on Terrell

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Not sure if this has been posted before and if so feel free to delete the entire thread lol.  But it was by a Raiders fan who i think does really solid videos after watching this one.   He and alot of Raiders fans had Terrell linked to them and Mayock at 19 before the draft and he did a very nice breakdown on Terrell and the similarities between him and another Raider CB in Mullen.  I enjoyed watching this and thought some of yall might as well when hearing fans of other teams break down our guy.


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36 minutes ago, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

Nice. I'm excited by the pick. He will be an upgrade on Trufant his first year. He will take his lumps but he's going to flash from the jump.

Maybe not Tru at his peak though as at one point that man was turning in top 5 to 8 seasons.  Although im wondering if that was more of a lets pick on alford non stop thing or if they was really afraid to target Tru that much back then.  Either way Tru had really low targets and really good %'s for a few years there.

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16 hours ago, quotemokc said:

All these Terrell videos use the same footage.

You can find full game tape of him also. It's not like he's really making many or any mistakes at all. He's shutdown his side of the field in most. Rewatching the NC game, Chase really only had 2 catches that were huge and this video broke down what AJ did wrong. Even shows where he shutdown Chase on short to intermediate routes. This is the same guy who could take a 6 yard slant to the house if he wanted to. 

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