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Just now, RING OF HONOR said:

He on a franchise tag right?...I dont think he going anywhere this year....but next year if negotiations get crazy...I can see them reupping with Dalton 

Hasn’t signed yet and the window for extension is open for another month I believe. He keeps talking big like he’s gonna hold out, ain’t no way he leaves $33 million on the table. If he does he’s a dam fool. Dalton is no better than he is but in that offense he could look much better than he ever did in Cincy

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On the one hand, the Cowboys would have never done something like this with Romo. Its a total jab at Dak and he should see it that way.

On the other hand, Dak is not worth being the highest paid QB, or really even top 5. $33 mil is more than enough and he needs to take it and go chill out because if Dalton suits up and plays at all next season, Daks value will plummet because they will see just how ordinary he truly is.

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27 minutes ago, V-Town Falcon said:

Surprise belichick hasn't got Cam at this point.


I don't think that was ever gonna happen.


Cam must be damaged beyond repair at this point. A former NFL MVP who isn't that old has yet to be signed by any team needing a QB is not a good thing.


No QB needed teams saw Cam as an instant impact player over the QBs that they draft. They seem to rather let their rookie QBs take their lumps because they don't see instant success with Cam at this stage of how his body is.


The Chargers signed Tyrod Taylor over Cam and then drafted Herbert. Cam might be done, it will take awhile until before realization sets in.

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