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I'm an ATLien.

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I’m a KyLeTLien. 

“I be thinkin about those good old days when I was a whippersnapper

Used to try to get a kiss but now it be them drawers I’m after. 

Im just a Southernplayalistic pimp

I used to sling a fat rock but now I’m serving hemp”

Rise up ATL from Ottawa, Canada

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You know, it's funny. I'm from Toronto but have been a fan since birth thanks to my dad (a now season ticket holder). I've been to Atlanta for training camp or games probably close to 15 times now.

Oddly enough, I feel a second-hand level of pride with the "ATL" on the chest.  Truly some characters down south who just want to have a good time and talk some s**t. It's great. And it's stayed with me.

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12 hours ago, RYNE said:

It’s okay to want and expect more out of a football team, and not to be “okay” with their failures. 

Just because I love this team doesn’t mean I have to agree with all the dumb things they do. 

Way to side track his post, pretty sure this was a positive post stating his devotion to the ATL. Just get on board and do your disagreeing in other threads.

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11 hours ago, Falcons_Frenzy said:

Every player on the Atlanta Falcons should be required to watch the series "The Last Dance" 

What did it take for the Chicago Bulls to start winning championships? Working their a$$es off in the offseason. Not one of them. ALL OF THEM. 

What about Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen, etc???

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