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Do You Feel Better About the Falcons Today than a Year Ago?

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1 hour ago, Pacific_Falcon said:

One can always hope.

I am more interested in the saga at Green Bay. They feasted on a very easy schedule and won a lot of close games. If they start the season poorly, can you imagine how Rodgers will react if he is on the hot seat and people are asking for Jordan? It will be a lot of fun to watch.

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I do, marginally.  3 new starters on offense (Gurley, Hennessy, Hurst).  Gurley and Hennessy are clear upgrades and Hurst is a wash.  4 new starters on defense (Fowler, Davidson, Terrell, Oluakon).  Fowler and Davidson are clear upgrades Okuakon v. Campbell is at least a wash and maybe an upgrade.  Terrell for this year anyway might be a slight downgrade.  

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You forgot to mention that after the coaching change-up during the bye week last season, we went 6-2 including wins against the Saints and 49ers. 

I have a lot of hope for this year and think we're definitely going to be better. Beasley being on the field was just handicapping us. I think Fowler and Davidson will definitely help our D-line step up.

Besides injuries that might be a problem again for defense, I'm most concerned with how our corners will play out. I think if Oliver and Terrell plays well then we're pretty set. I feel pretty confident in Sheffield.

Still don't have faith in Koetter though, dude is straight dog ****. No excuse with our offense this year to constantly go 3 and out. I feel player-wise this year, we're better. Very happy with the draft as well.

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No. I thought we would be a major player in the NFC heading into 2019. Ryan had his old coordinator back, a bunch of defensive starters coming back fully healthy, rebuilt the line similar to how the COlts did a few years earlier, etc. 

Heading into 2020, I feel like we're a fringe playoff team AT BEST, with the realistic expectation of an 8 or 9 win season. But hey it's the NFL, you just never know. 

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We will see preseason.  Whether they try to win or screw around "evaluating".  Last year they fiddled around preseason and they forgot to include winning in the evaluating.  I called it. Took a ration of TAFT sheeeet and grief cause I predicted it.  It took them 8 games to figure how to win.  The don't get it right in preseason we will know by game 4 which direction the season is going to go.  Defense better be ready to keep Brady and Brees off the field.  And Carolina is like a sleeping  wild card.  NFC south is halfway to the Superbowl.   We don't dominate the NFC south then we are posers.  It all boils down to keeping Matty and company on the field and not warming the bench.  Tire out their defenses and we win.  Do we have a superbowl defense?  We haven't a clue at this point.  We are in rebuild mode... don't be fooled otherwise.  There's no continuity.  We dumped the starters and now the key players on the team never snapped a ball together.  With Corona who knows when they will get the chance.

ATL... all time losers... in caps no less.... unless this team of 1st round misfits decides they want to make football history.

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On 4/28/2020 at 9:31 PM, jlrfalcon said:

One Year Ago

Sarkisian is gone, Koetter coming in (Ryan familiar with his new OC)

Have drafted 2 new OL and signed 2 veteran FA OL to protect Ryan

Hooper, Sanu, Julio, Freeman, Ridley are all veteran weapons in our great offense

Deion Jones, Neal, and Allen are all returning to the defense from injury-riddled 2018 seasons

Trufant is to be joined by Oliver in the secondary along with Kazee at the nickel position

Campbell and Beasley are in their final contract years and expected to play their best

Tavecchio is to be our opening day kicker along with Bosher as our veteran punter

Quinn is to take over defensive playcalling similar to how he did in our Super Bowl season



Koetter remains as our OC even though the offensive production declined last year

Lindstrom spent most of his rookie year on IR but is ready to start all of 2020

Hennessy might take the other guard spot but our 2 veteran FA signings remain after poor 2019's

Hooper had a great year but so good we could not afford to keep him

Hurts is a gift from Baltimore to possibly offset some of the Hooper loss but his true value is still TBD

Sanu was traded away early, Freeman was let go after a collapse to his career

The Rams let Gurley go and we signed him, but will his 2020 production still be an improvement for us?

Neal ended up on IR almost all of 2019 and his 2020 status is really questionable at the moment

Trufant is now in Detroit and our cornerbacks will all be very young-talent vs. experience?

Campbell and Beasley are gone with Oluokon assuming top tackler role and FA Fowler a possible upgrade for Beasley

Koo is our current kicker after 2019 disasters with Tavecchio and a Bryant rebirth

Bosher is not even thought of anymore while a 7th round pick is possibly his replacement

Quinn's playcalling was saved possibly by a Raheem Morris/Jeff Ulbrich combo


The major constants between now and last year are our QB, top 2 WR's, veteran C, veteran LT, and veteran DT.  However, this is only 6 positions out of 22 (24 if you include K & P) that have not changed or been uncertain either a year ago or now.

Do we feel better now going into 2020 or did we feel better going into 2019?



Matt usually goes off in his 2nd year of an offense...I know Koetter has been here before. Just sayin..Our entire offensive unit besides Gurley is the same as last season..So you have to feel better about the offense at least...Defense is tbd..







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We potentially have more talent than last season and the roster building is not complete. We will add another vet or two post June 1 and probably another post week 1 regular season. With that said I have no real confidence in success this season. Falcons bruh...


Of course week one regular season I along with many others will feel invincible until either cold reality slaps me in the face or maybe even a win streak to start the year. Who knows for sure. I can’t wait to see some **** football though. :slick:

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