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Until these guys go and get a legit NT ...

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29 minutes ago, Mister pudding said:

I'm referring to the OP. Saying the FO doesn't value linemen over specialty players. That's just not true with our first round picks and signing Mack and Fowler. Your arguments are true about hitting on talent in the lines, but to say they are not addressing the issue like it's an issue is false imo 

We certainly have tried to address the lines on both sides.  Just look at 2021 CAP where 92 million is allocated to OL/DL

Whether we picked the right players is all that remains to be seen

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Our scheme doesn't call for a prototype Nose Tackle. Stacking the line and not moving back an inch (or FORWARD an inch) is not the way to win in today's pass-first NFL. Inside penetration, collapsing


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18 hours ago, papachaz said:

you didn't answer the question, what did you have for dinner?




and for the record, posts like these don't make us suddenly think "OMG HE"S RIGHT! I GOTTA STOP DOING THAT" 

it makes us start digging through the photo albums....just cause it's fun to piss off the folks who don't like it 




Getting on a high horse just makes you easier to hit

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13 hours ago, Knight of God said:

@AUTiger7222 put me on to him a ways back. Also while I was still clamoring for Brown and Coe, I saw a video with Brown calling Marlon a brawler. At that moment I said, “whoever gets any of those Auburn guys is getting a real alpha monster.” Marlon gets double teams and beats them

Yep!! Marlon Davidson is a mean gentleman!! Anyone that doesn't like this pick doesn't know football.

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