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4 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

A weakness of Treadwell’s coming out of college may help him in ATL.  

Weaknesses: Will need to broaden his routes, since he runs mostly curls, drags and vertical routes. 

Those are the only routes in Koetter’s offense

Start him easy , since he's not the fastest guy. Make him a posession receiver 

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I feel more optimistic about Gage than Treadwell. Gage has actually produced at the nfl as a receiver. So at this point he is the better nfl player

It's a nothing to lose, loads to gain scenario for us and him. Up to him but at the moment I imagine he's behind Gage; decent preseason battle to keep an eye on to be fair.

I understand where you're coming from on that one. Just think Treadwell getting in there and getting tips and learn from Julio and Ridley will help alot. 

3 hours ago, kschreck said:

It's definitely possible that he's one if those guys that ended up in the wrong situation and needed a change in scenery. Hopefully for him and us, that's the case.

Same here , different offense and a breath of fresh air. Maybd he can start over 

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4 hours ago, LightningDawg58 said:

Great question OP.

I think we are set at our top 3 with Julio, Ridley and Gage.

I love OZ and I think it was Blake that had some good reps for us last season too

One thing we lacked, even when Sanu was here because of the way we used him, is a tall, big body reciever that could challenge CBs when Julio sits. And Julio sits a lot either to catch his breathe or to nurse a hit. Whenever he does we always trot out some midget WR in his place and it just irks me to death. Having the option for Treadwell to spell Julio and continue to put pressure on the defense as far as a size matchup, is a huge deal for me. There is just no way you can tell me some 5-10 guy can run Julio's routes and it not throw Matt off guard because he is used to seeing a different catch radius on that side of the field. We have to change up our play calls when we put the little guys on the field outside the numbers. But not anymore.

Treadwell wont be Julio, but if he can just stand-in for him for a handful of plays then he will be a huge upgrade than what we are used to seeing. (Remember Sanu was used as a slot/possessions  guy)

Need that receiver that can go get it , he just man handles cb's. I feel like we need a guy that can physically beat up corners. Not that julio doesnt 

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4 hours ago, Bunchy Carter said:

How could you be unimpressed with Gage but have hope for Treadwell? Do you guys even watch the games? Gage is why Sanu was expendable.

For one he is a big body receiver that we currently lack. We have enough explosive players but someone thay can steadily move the chains like Sanu can and do the dirty work. Julio and Ridley get banged up alot so we need a bigger bodied receiver 

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19 hours ago, Ovie_Lover said:

Nothing they tell him will teach him to stop dropping everything 

I hear you, but Roddy had the drops early in his career. I believe players with those skill sets lack concentration and probably technique. Those things can be worked on and fixed. When Roddy started I was scared he was going to be a busy, but he became a sure handed receiver. 

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9 hours ago, whiteshoes said:

I liked treadwell coming out. And the people making the roddy connection may be spot on. Hopefully he can come and work a little with laquan. I think that would help him see what his future may still hold.

Pretty much this, he lost his confidence after the first year 

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Unfortunately, this is one of those hope for the best but don't expect much situations.  The fact that him and Gage get to battle it out bodes well for all parties involved.  I can't blame you though for getting excited about the thought of have 3 first round receivers playing and all producing at high levels for your offense.

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