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Anybody Wishing We Had Just Simply Traded All Our Picks for Chase Young Now?


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Does anybody really think now that Terrell, Davidson, Hennessy, Walker, Hawkins and Hofrichter will have as great an impact on our team this year (or even future?) if we had just simply traded all these picks to Washington for Chase Young?

Hennessy might be a long term solution for 5+ years (may not even start in 2020) and Terrell and Davidson may be solid, but not Pro Bowl level starters for a few years.

We might would have had to throw in our first from next year but even then, I really wonder if most of our picks will be still in the NFL in a few years while Chase Young is still producing for Washington.


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1 minute ago, Falcons_Frenzy said:

No but I will say this. I really like what the Cowboys and Vikings did this draft.

Don’t know what this has to do with the Falcons but yea ole Jerry is doing a great job of GM especially now that he’s fired J G and like him or not he’s been on fire with his draft picks

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The results of the history of trading a bunch of picks for one person is not good. See, Vikings, Minnesota trading the house for Herschel Walker. See also Saints, New Orleans trading all their picks for Ricky Williams. 

I know it’s a roll of the dice either way, but a torn ACL in training camp (not wishing that on him) and we would have absolutely zero for this year. I would not have done it. 

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