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NFL Draft 2020: Chris Simms' Top 5 Cornerback Rankings | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

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I saw this video last week and agree with his findings.  He gives his honest opinion and does not let himself get sucked into group-think.  

He ranked his CB's:  

1.  Henderson

2.  Terrell

3.  Okudah

He was clear to note that all three are going to play very well in the NFL.  He pointed to Okudah's refined technique, but gave the other two higher rankings due to their superior physical abilities and willingness to learn their craft.  

The moderator gave him some bluff about Okudah's lower than expected ranking, but he stood his ground and made his point.  

I think we will be happy with Terrell

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13 minutes ago, etherdome said:

I think we will be happy with Terrell

Good post. Me too. Seems they drafted 22 year old men this draft.

Tough. Have a look at the seventh round punter's eyes:


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Thank you for the video Tim.

I agree with Simms concerning his rating of Okudah and Terrell.

I would want my top corner to have elite speed.....Terrell has it....Okudah does not.

Henderson has elite speed, but his film was frustrating to watch.  I would not want such a soft player on my team.   Glad we ended up with Terrell.  Hope he turns out to be the best of the 3.

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