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I love what TD and co have done with our offensive line over the last two drafts. After drafting Hennessy, Falcons offensive line looking like it’s set up to gel with few changes for years. Young players that will grow together.

Matthews (28) - Under contract through 2023

Hennessy (22) - Under contract through 2023

Lindstrom (23) - Under contract through 2023 (5th year option)

McGary (25) - Under contract through 2023 (5th year option)

Gono (24) - Year to year and an RFA for now  

Mack (33) - Year to year until he decides to retire or Hennessy takes over.

Love it and sets us up really well building our team moving forward.

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Meat and potatoes last year and a draft of necessity here. I’d give it a B- overall because I think trading down and still getting the same player could have landed us a few more cracks at it but the heartbreak of shanty being in the way of what had to be our prize again makes me a little ticked. All in all I think we have 3 starters. 

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Falcons have known all along that if they start  Gono it’s going to cost them a lot of money.  I think that’s why he has not started despite being the 2nd highest graded ol on the team.  I thought they should have played him and tried to turn him into a future draft pick if not wanting to spend big money on him.  Guy would be one of the most dominant ol in the league if they played him. 

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Plus he won free pizza for a year for being the pi pick

Winner: Matt Hennessy

The former Temple offensive lineman didn’t just get drafted with the 14th pick in the third round Friday night by the Falcons. As the 3.14 pick, he also won a **** load of pizza.


As the 78th pick, Matt Hennessy gets free @pizzahut for a year. As the 2020 Pizza Hut Pi Pick


That’s an award that should only go to offensive linemen. Congrats on the pizza, Matt.

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36 minutes ago, Roanoke Falcon said:

This is AWFUL! We will have 4/5 starters wanting new contracts, all in the same year (that being 2023). The entire unit can be blown up due to cap casualties in 2023.

Lol you see that half empty glass huh. Don’t worry about contracts, TD does that well.

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