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22 minutes ago, Malachore said:

You are right, I do hate this draft. I can have my opinion and you yours. I've seen plenty to know why I don't like this draft, you don't need to be an expert. You literally just said you will let someone else formulate your opinion for you. Yet I'm boring, okay.

Im actually intrigued to see if i would have liked or hated your draft and picks so far.  Would you mind posting the 2 players you would have taken at each selection to see how similar we are or if we are of completely different mindsets on what we like.     I don't hate the draft we have right now in front of us although i personally would have chose 2 different guys.    Based on who was available at each pick i would have went with  Chaisson and Jaylon Johnson.      We just missed on my perfect draft actually in Kinlaw and Winfield by 2 picks each in each round lol.

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I like the pick

I love this pick. I been screaming for him all day. I’m happy. But he will still have to prove it. Don’t know why people get upset at the draft lol. Can’t control the outcome and nobody knows if any p

don’t know if posted but yeah I like this guy 

49 minutes ago, Schwarzwald said:

We seem to be putting safety off 1 more year and honestly it’s based on how the draft values fell more than anything it seems.

I think we could roll with Foye too if we don’t add a LB but think we want to get a LB if the PLAYER is right.

People just need to ignore spots. You gotta catch runs in the draft and we got to nail the players we want; and not fall for guys well down the board just because “it’s also at that position”...that’s where you are better off taking BPA then.

Falcons didn’t value a LB, S or guy on offense over Davidson. He was seen as the best available DL for us. Not bad.

Draft looks solid so far for us.

We weren't drafting safety man, I tried to tell yall that Morris and DQ love our safeties. 

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42 minutes ago, Macknsweetjones said:

don’t know if posted but yeah I like this guy 

This was so funny. I like this Kid. Not to make it weird or anything but I think it was comedian DL Hughley who said, "the same traits that get you praised on the field on Sunday will get you beat up by the police on a Tuesday"

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