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I like the pick

I love this pick. I been screaming for him all day. I’m happy. But he will still have to prove it. Don’t know why people get upset at the draft lol. Can’t control the outcome and nobody knows if any p

don’t know if posted but yeah I like this guy 

24 minutes ago, Osiruz said:

Sounds like he will be a swiss army knife, he is in the mold of Allen Bailey, Michael Bennet, and Clayborn. I dont mind it, but I was hoping Grant Delpit would fall all the way to our pick. 

We seem to be putting safety off 1 more year and honestly it’s based on how the draft values fell more than anything it seems.

I think we could roll with Foye too if we don’t add a LB but think we want to get a LB if the PLAYER is right.

People just need to ignore spots. You gotta catch runs in the draft and we got to nail the players we want; and not fall for guys well down the board just because “it’s also at that position”...that’s where you are better off taking BPA then.

Falcons didn’t value a LB, S or guy on offense over Davidson. He was seen as the best available DL for us. Not bad.

Draft looks solid so far for us.

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1 minute ago, Roanoke Falcon said:

I haven't heard that, but even if true, I don't care what 2 (or more) consenting adults do in private. There is little enough happiness in the world as it is. If he finds happiness with another dude: that I hope they're happy. The US Constitution guarantees everyone life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. THEIR happiness, not what someone else thinks their happiness should be.

Cant.believe I'm agreeing with you about something

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10 minutes ago, slider said:

Keep him primarily at DE get him down to 290 and trust me **** be unstoppable. I don't expect them to go that route unfortunately.

I’d run him and Jarrett inside with Takk and Fowler bringing it from the edge.

What it does allow us to do is have a big unit against the run.

**** bring edge presence on the above.Potentially strong side DE on early downs.

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The guy pulled 7.5 sacks coming off the edge....as a 304 pounder. He'll make noise as a 3T, as he's coming in with near elite level hand usage and some pre-developed pass rush moves.


He literally only fell this far because of how he was used in Auburn.

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a bit discouraging he wasn't in g-dawg's top twenty for second day

  1. Justin Madubuike, DT - Texas A&M
  2. A.J. Epenesa, DE - Iowa
  3. Zach Baun, LB/EDGE - Wisconsin
  4. Nevin Gallimore, DT - Oklahoma
  5. Ezra Cleveland, OT - Boise State
  6. J.K. Dobbins, RB - Ohio State
  7. Jeremy Chinn, S - Southern Illinois
  8. Jordan Elliott, DT - Missouri
  9. Lloyd Cushenberry, C/OG - LSU
  10. Ashtyn Davis, S - Cal
  11. Matt Hennessy, C - Temple
  12. Davon Hamilton, DT - Ohio State
  13. Curtis Weaver, EDGE - Boise State
  14. Willie Gay, OLB - Miss. State
  15. Julian Okwara, EDGE - Notre Dame
  16. Joshua Uche, EDGE - Michigan
  17. Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB - Appalachian State
  18. Logan Wilson, LB - Wyoming
  19. Raekwon Davis, DT - Alabama
  20. Chase Claypool, TE - Notre Dame
  21. Nick Harris, C - Washington
  22. Terrell Lewis, EDGE - Alabama
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Just now, jamesmasen said:

Dudes going to be an athletic DT with pass rush moves in his arsenal I don't see how this is a bad pick. And how the **** is our 1st a reach when two other dbs went right behind him . You guys are crazy 

Im actually liking this draft so far..I saw this dude ball out a few times. He was overshadowed by Brown...Good pick imo..... We need as much defensive help up front as possible..

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