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I like the pick

I love this pick. I been screaming for him all day. I’m happy. But he will still have to prove it. Don’t know why people get upset at the draft lol. Can’t control the outcome and nobody knows if any p

don’t know if posted but yeah I like this guy 

6 minutes ago, WestGAFalcon said:

That's what he is, a Clayborn/Crawford replacement, but isn't that what we have with Cominsky and Bailey??

We need depth and Cominsky they are still figuring out because he came from a small school vs scrubs; plus was a late concert to DL after being a QB in HS.

JC could very well be turned into a DE that merely plays inside SOME...when vs pass exclusively.

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7 minutes ago, Malachore said:

LMAO idc y'all homers can say what you want. This draft sucks rn.

I can understand the 1st pick as some thought it was a reach.  But why don't you like this pick he is being drafted exactly where he was expected to be drafted around, covers a need, and has been a pretty great player in college.  Im sorta confused on any hate on this guy by anyone at all if they actually watched him play.

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6 minutes ago, Stray Dog THA GAWD said:

Surprising that they still drafted this guy after he admitted he was gay.

I haven't heard that, but even if true, I don't care what 2 (or more) consenting adults do in private. There is little enough happiness in the world as it is. If he finds happiness with another dude: then I hope they're happy. The US Constitution guarantees everyone life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. THEIR happiness, not what someone else thinks their happiness should be.

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