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Predict the Falcons Pick at 47

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1 minute ago, Draftnut57 said:

I've got two players in my top 20 with AJ  as their first name..  But I didn't have AJ Terrell in my top 20 ,, my bad...  but I'm hopeing that  DE AJ Epenesa  and  CB AJ Green will be a couple of picks for us.

How 'bout the other guy named Terrell somebody mentioned earlier, you could have 3 AJ's and 2 Terrell's in one draft going to one team. Record books right there my friend.

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I will readily admit I have no ****** clue who our #47 pick will be. All I know is no matter who I guess I'll be wrong. Some people I like however are: Blacklock, Winfield, McKinney,  Gallimore, Uche,

I'm predicting Zack Baun, LB Wisconsin as a replacement for Campbell but have my fingers crossed hoping Winfield Jr. slips.  He is a poor man's Ed Reed or Earl Thomas.  

Grant Delpit. I feel secondary is the theme. 

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We are going to take one of the players I have left in my top 20 picks.... I  really believe that...Blacklock or AJ Epenesa may be the pick if he's still there.  Hey.. That would continue the AJ  picks,,, Then we could take another AJ  Green in the 5th or 6th round... ,, giving us an all time high of drafting 3 players with AJ as their first name..../.  :happened:

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16 minutes ago, autigerfan said:

I would love Hennessy with our third but I have a feeling he's going round 2 due to the lack of of interior offensive line talent this year.

I hope you're wrong cause I like him too and would prefer for us to pick him up in the 3rd. With our 2ndI think we desperately need a DT or a stout DE (Epenasa?)

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